About Us

Our Company

BitCromo S.A (we refer to it as "BitCromo.com") is a subcompany established in Argentina that exists thanks to the merger of SMEs CromoMineria S.A. (We will refer to it as "CromoMineria.info") which is a company established in 2009 dedicated simply to the mining of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Compañía de Inversiones Bursátiles S.A. (Referred to as "CibValores.com"), which is a renowned financial services company in the Republic of Argentina that offers advice and investment management for individuals, companies and institutions, and which has been operating since 1998.

BitCromo was born through a series of agreements between both companies, in which they talked for a long time about developing a way to increase profits by taking advantage of the great volatility of Bitcoin, the technical contribution and experience on mining and technology Bitcoin of CromoMineria.info and the contribution of the extensive experience in capital investments owned by CibValores.com.

In this way, the most successful idea that we could jointly create was to create an investment platform, in which investors (we will refer to them as "users"), invest a certain amount of money in some of the plans predesigned by CibValores. With which they guarantee a good chain of investments for both the user and the set of BitCromo.com giving an excellent gain to the 3 parts (the user, CromoMineria.info and CibValores.com)

In this way, CromoMineria.info invests in new infrastructure to expand its mathematical computing power thus obtaining more mining power and better conditions to maintain in good condition the technological equipment necessary to be able to expand and continue the venture and CibValores.com obtains 35% of the profits that have decided to keep fixed for about 3 years to give more margin of growth to CromoMineria.info, in user will maintain the profits established in the investment plans, that will be paid respecting the plan that the User has chosen.

What we do?

We provide a favorable range of investment plans that guarantee the gain for the investor user and for the two parts that make up BitCromo.

We are fully committed to providing quality service to the investor user both technically and financially.

The investment plans were developed by cibvalores.com in such a way as to guarantee the payment corresponding to each user and the corresponding margin for the reinvestment of the capital to CromoMineria and the corresponding profit to CibValores.

In this way BitCromo.com becomes the first genuine company in investments of criptodivisas, that counts on a total transparency, technical guarantee financial guarantee, and a great experience in the capital investment.

Who we are?

BitCromo.com is the result of the study and experience in the field of investment management of CibValores.com and the experience in mining, technology in crypto-currencies and experience in the field of Bitcoin of CromoMineria.info

Therefore, we are the first company that has real and necessary support and experience in all related fields to operate this platform, thus achieving the ecosystem that is required to have a good investment proposal.